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Innovative Targeting Solutions Announces Research Agreement with Lilly

By February 2, 2018No Comments

Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc. (ITS) today announced a research agreement with Eli Lilly and Company. Under the agreement, Innovative Targeting Solutions’ will utilize its proprietary HuTARG™ research platform to potentially discover first in class antibody drug candidates. The HuTARG™ protein engineering platform allows one to directly isolate and engineer antibodies based on functional activity at scales not attainable with any other technology.

“We are very excited to be working with Lilly in this exciting area which we believe has the potential to transform the industry’s ability to improve human health,” said Paul Kang, CSO of Innovative Targeting Solutions Inc.

Details of the collaboration including the specific targets, number of targets, and specific therapeutic indications are not being disclosed at this time.  The financial terms are also not being disclosed.