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Women’s Health Research Institute Becomes UBC Faculty of Medicine Centre

By July 13, 2018No Comments

The UBC Faculty of Medicine is pleased to recognized the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) as a Faculty of Medicine Research Center, in recognition of its scientific contributions and its significance to the Faculty of Medicine’s mission and to the public’s health. By coming within the Faculty’s organizational structure as the Women’s Health Research Centre, WHRI will now have a voice in strategic discussions about research at UBC.

As one of only two research centres in Canada dedicated to advancing women’s health research, the WHRI serves as the research arm of BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre, and as the face of women’s health research for the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA). Borne of the need to catalyze B.C. research in women’s health and champion the need for sex-disaggregated methods of analysis, the WHRI enhances and galvanizes the impact of research conducted at BC Women’s Hospital and by women’s health researchers across the province.