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Award Summary: May 1st – 5th

By May 5, 2017December 1st, 2023No Comments

Dr. Julio Montaner, Director of the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, is one of five winners of the $100 000 Killam Prize.


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Dr. Shannon Kolind
MS Society of Canada Grant


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Dr. Julio Montaner
Killam Prize
Dr. Kalina Christoff
Wall Scholars Research Award
Dr. Terrance Snutch
Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from UBC
Dr. Judith Hall
Inducted as a Fellow in the National Academy of Inventors
Dr. Michael Hayden
Inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame


Vanessa Porter
Taqdir Bhandal
Patrick Coulombe
Huiru Dong
Colin Hammond
Stephanie Lake
Avery Lam
Jason Lee
Dennis Louie
Kirsten Marchand
Anita Minh
Sanjana Mitra
Ashleigh Rich
Leigha Rock
Erika Scott
Brenna Wadsworth
Shawn Whitfield
Maeve Wickham
Jing Xu
Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarships
Dr. Xiaoyan Jiang
Dr. Annette Browne
Dr. Aly Karsan
Dr. Thomas Kerr
Dr. Connie Eaves
Dr. John-Michael Milloy
Dr. Megan Levings
Dr. James Johnson
Dr. Janice Eng
Dr. Oviedo-Joekes
Dr. Christopher McLeod
Dr. Thomas Kerr
Dr. Jean Shoveller
Dr. Denise Laronde
Dr. Matthew Farrer
Dr. Kevin Bennewith
Dr. Elizabeth Conibear
Dr. Corinne Hohl
Dr. Sharon Gorski
Pauline Luczynski
Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers Medical Student Research Scholarship
Dr. Helen Tremlett
Anthony Hsieh
CIHR Doctoral Research Award – Drug Safety and Effectiveness
Dr. Helene Cote