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Sirona Biochem Announces Positive Efficacy Results for Skin Lightening Library

By July 12, 2017No Comments

Sirona Biochem Corp. announced positive preclinical efficacy data for its library of skin lightening compounds.

The study was conducted at Bioalternatives in France, a contract research organization specializing in cellular and molecular pharmacology. The study looked at each of six compounds’ ability to inhibit melanin synthesis induced by L-tyrosine for 10 days in normal human epidermal melanocytes. Results showed a significant decrease in melanin synthesis with a similar efficacy across the library. Inhibiting melanin production is the principal mechanism of action for the majority of skin lighteners in clinical use.

“In December 2016, we announced the completion of our skin lightening library, with plans to begin testing in 2017”, said Dr. Howard Verrico, CEO. “The positive efficacy of these compounds adds value to a licensing transaction as it increases the opportunity for commercialization in various markets and therapeutic areas. Moreover, this data will be used to support and strengthen our IP in this area.”

Sirona has shared these results with the multinational companies currently working towards a license to commercialize TFC-1067.