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Patients on Biologics Need to Be Wary of Substitutions

By January 4, 2018No Comments

Over the last decade, biologic medicines have improved health outcomes in some of the most difficult-to-treat chronic conditions, greatly improving the lives of millions of patients. There are exciting and inspirational advancements on the horizon, with many British Columbia companies at the forefront of this pioneering science.

But there is a growing concern involving biologics — and related drugs called biosimilars. Since it could affect you, or someone you love, allow me to explain.

The most common drugs we use — like the aspirin in our medicine chests — are the product of a chemical mixing process. Cheaper generic drugs — such as no-name brands — are made the same way, carbon copy medicines created using the same chemical recipe. These generic drugs are chemically identical to the brand name ones, and so some public and private drug plans may only cover the generic version.