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Naturejobs Podcast: Paula LittleJohn

By March 21, 2018No Comments

One year ago, Paula Littlejohn, made a difficult decision to transition from a decade long career in the pharmaceutical industry, to a full time PhD student under Dr. Brett Finlay. As hard as career path decisions are to make for most people, Paula has done so with the consideration that she and her husband have five children.

Prepare to be impressed and empowered as Paula eloquently dances through the realities of being a working mother with young children. She gives examples of her husband nearly running out of frozen breast milk while her flight is delayed in transit when returning from a business trip, and shares the adjustments she has had to make from having an at-home office, to commuting each day to the academic lab.

Naturejobs interviewed and produced the podcast titled “Family life, career life: making it work”. It highlights Paula’s journey as she has adapted to an academic career and advice on how to manage a PhD alongside motherhood.