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CHÉOS Scientists Awarded CIHR Project Grants

By July 16, 2018No Comments

The results of the CIHR Project Grant Competition for March 2018 were announced today. A total of 369 grants were funded with a success rate of 14 per cent. Of those grants, 4 are led by CHÉOS Scientists with 16 Scientists serving as co-investigators on 9 individual projects.

Dr. Karin Humphries will serve as principal investigator, along with Dr. Jim Christenson (PHC/UBC emergency medicine) and two cardiologists, for their project entitled hs cTn — Optimizing the Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction/Injury in Women (CODE-MI)”. Drs. Aslam AnisJoel SingerFrank Scheuermeyer, and Wei Zhang are co-investigators on this project. Earlier this year, Dr. Humphries presented on this topic in the Work in Progress Seminar Series.

Dr. Eugenia Oviedo-Joekes will lead the project “Program of Outcomes Research on Treatment for Injectables for Addiction”. The PORTIA Study will investigate the expansion of injectable opioid treatments to people who have not received injectable treatment before and study how different groups of people respond to the treatment. Drs. Nick Bansback and Martin Schechter are co-investigators.

Dr. Anne Gadermann is a principal investigator on the project “Mental health trajectories of immigrant and refugee children from early childhood to adolescence: An ecological population-based approach”. Drs. Joseph Puyat and Chris Richardson will support the project as co-investigators. Dr. Gadermann recently received a Scholar Award from MSFHR to support her program of research in studying the mental health of immigrants and refugees.

Dr. Jim Frankish is a principal investigator for the project “Women, Victimization, and Homelessness: Towards a conceptual model to advance trauma- and violence-informed research, policy, and practice”. Drs. Michael KrauszVerena Strehlau, and Iris Torchalla are co-investigators on this project.