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Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Health and Life Sciences Industry

By July 26, 2018No Comments

Machine learning is augmenting human ability and drastically changing possibilities. It is restructuring businesses and rewiring brains for transformative thinking. Whether it be to develop vaccines for deadly diseases or combat climate change, Canada is at the forefront of this monumental shift.

Canada has been on the vanguard of machine learning long before it became a popular headline. The growth and brilliant minds from around the country have led the way for Canada to place its mark with AI on the world and build a more promising ecosystem for the future.

Across the country, there have been several companies lending a hand in this newer and multi-faceted industry that will reshape history. Among those, innovative researchers are developing imaging devices for skin cancer, diagnostic platforms that analyse natural speech to detect dementia and mental decline, advanced signal analysis to diagnose coronary artery disease, just to name a few, and numerous others that stem to topics unrelated to health care, but keep Canada at the forefront of change.