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Abcellera Announces Multi-Target Partnership Agreement with a Top Five Global Pharma

By February 19, 2019February 25th, 2019No Comments

AbCellera, a technology leader in therapeutic antibody discovery from natural immune repertoires, today announced a multi-target and multi-year collaboration with Novartis. Under the agreement, AbCellera will apply its expertise in antibody discovery and its single-cell screening technology to advance programs on up to ten targets elected by the pharmaceutical partner.

“AbCellera continues to build its reputation as a high-powered innovation shop and the premier provider for therapeutic antibody discovery from natural immune responses. This partnership with Novartis marks an important evolution of our partnering strategy, expanding from target-based collaborations to deal structures that encourage long-term relationships and provide extended technology access to select partners,” said Carl Hansen, President and CEO of AbCellera.

Over the past three years, AbCellera has successfully completed more than thirty antibody discovery programs, including deals with seven global pharmaceutical companies and top-tier public and venture-backed biotech companies. Applying best-in-class technology and custom innovation to each project, AbCellera enables programs for any target class, including difficult multi-pass membrane proteins, and provides its partners with a competitive advantage through superior diversity, speed, and quality.

Under the terms of the agreement with Novartis, AbCellera is eligible to receive technology access, research funding, downstream milestone payments, and royalties on net sales of products.

About AbCellera Biologics Inc.

AbCellera is a privately held company that engages in partnerships to discover and develop next-generation therapeutic antibodies. AbCellera’s single-cell platform integrates end-to-end capabilities for therapeutic antibody discovery through a combination of technologies including proprietary immunizations, microfluidics, high-throughput imaging, genomics, computation, and laboratory automation. Ultra-deep screening of single B cells allows unprecedented access to natural immune responses, enabling rapid isolation of large and diverse panels of high-quality lead antibodies from any species, including humans.

Find a complete list of news announcements on AbCellera’s online news feed, on LinkedIn and on Twitter@AbCelleraBio.


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