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Dave Ng and Linda Horianopoulos Awarded with 2019 Killam Teaching Awards!

By May 2, 2019No Comments

UBC offers annual awards from the Killam Endowment Fund to Faculty and Teaching Assistants who demonstrate exemplary teaching skills and abilities, with the purpose of recognizing teaching excellence. We are happy to congratulate Dave Ng, Director of the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory (AMBL), for winning the Killam Teaching Prize, and Linda Horianopoulos, Graduate Student from the Kronstad Lab, for winning the Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award!

Nominated by students, colleagues and alumni, the Killam Teaching Prize is a prestigious internal award presented to those who are recognized for their excellence in teaching. As Director at AMBL, Dave has built a name for himself with his creative and unconventional ways of teaching. An example of Dave’s teaching methods can be seen in his Global Issues in the Arts and Sciences (ASIC 200) course which he co-instructs with Allen Sens, a Professor of Teaching in UBC’s political science department. ASIC 200 explores global issues through the methodologies and perspectives of both the physical and life sciences and the humanities and social sciences. Dave uses an interdisciplinary teaching approach to get students excited about significant global issues.

The Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award adjudicated to Linda Horianopoulos is given annually to sixteen Graduate Students in recognition to their valuable role as Teaching Assistants. Award winners are recognized for their demonstrated skills, abilities, and contributions in teaching that result in a high level of respect from students and academics or course supervisors. Linda has been a Teaching Assistant to two microbiology courses (MICB 308 and MICB 325) and the Global Issues in Arts and Sciences course (ASIC 200). Her role as a Teaching Assistant is in addition to her research in the Kronstad lab which focuses on the fungal pathogen, Cryptococcus neoformans.

Congratulations to Dave and Linda for receiving these awards and their great effort! To see the full list of 2019 Killam winners go to the UBC Awards + Funding website.