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Directional DNA Sequencing for Single Cells Using Nanoliter Biochemistry

By January 24, 2022January 31st, 2022No Comments

This week, we profile a publication in Cell Reports Methods from Vincent Hanlon (pictured)
and colleagues from Dr. Peter Lansdorp’s laboratory at the BC Cancer Research Institute.

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Since its development almost a decade ago (1) the single cell Strand-seq DNA sequencing method has proven to be an invaluable tool for a variety of studies in genetics and DNA repair (2-11). Specifically, Strand-seq is used for chromosome-length haplotyping, discovery of structural genomic variants including inversions and, more generally, genome assembly. Although the data are in high demand, the preparation of single cell Strand-seq libraries is technically challenging (9). Variable results and limited informative reads have hampered the widespread application of the Strand-seq method despite its obvious theoretical appeal. In the most recent issue of Cell Reports Methods, Vincent Hanlon and colleagues from the Lansdorp laboratory at the BC Cancer Research Institute report a simplified “one pot” (OP) method to make Strand-seq libraries that overcomes many of the previous technical challenges. Specifically, they developed a nanoliter-volume protocol in which reagents are added cumulatively, DNA purification steps are avoided, and enzymes are inactivated with a thermolabile protease. OP-Strand-seq libraries capture 10%–25% of the genome from a single cell with reduced costs and increased throughput, opening up a wide variety of studies that are being pursued in collaboration with investigators in and outside Vancouver and Canada.

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