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Pan-Biome Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results in a Preclinical Trial of Colitis

By April 26, 2023No Comments

Pan-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a Vancouver based preclinical biopharmaceutical company focused on age-related diseases and extending human healthspan, is pleased to announce that its lead compound exhibited protective effects in a preclinical model of inflammatory colitis.

Dr. Andy Sham, PhD, Pan-Biome Scientific Advisor and project manager for the Gut4Health Microbiome Core at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute: “Our team has conducted extensive testing of this compound through numerous in vitro and in vivo studies. We have found that the compound demonstrates selective antimicrobial activity and has the ability to modulate the gut microbiome in mice. In our most recent study, we observed that the lead compound is well-tolerated when administered orally and provides protective effects in a dextran sulfate sodium-induced mouse model of colitis.”